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Act So Big Forest – We are the Act So Big Forest, an Arts and Music Collective based in Fort Collins, CO.

Christmas Forest Vol. 7: “Verde Rouge Noir”

We recently released our seventh annual holiday compilation, “Verde Rouge Noir.” ASBF Christmas Forest Vol. 7: Verde Rouge Noir by Act So Big Forest Family Track Listing: Flinette – “JUEL” Nadalands – “New Unionville” Mega Gem – “Feliz Navidad” Sour Boy Bitter Girl – “Tradition” Kaoti – “My Christmas Wish Is A Christmas Kiss From…


Josh Dillard on Daytrotter

Today, Daytrotter released its session with Josh Dillard today. Please give a listen to the session here:! You can order the new album, The Bright Light of Shipwreck from Dillard’s bandcamp.  Keep up with his shows and new tunes at  

Gear stolen from Fierce Bad Rabbit / Wire Face’s practice space

If you haven’t heard by now, two local bands (Fierce Bad Rabbit and Wire Faces) had their practice space broken into and a lot of their gear stolen.  I’m going to keep my eyes peeled on Craigslist (Colorado, Wyoming…) and at local pawn shops, and even at concerts.  I hope you will join me and…

Swing Low Sword Of Winter

Candy Claws – “Five Hands Of The Ice Queen” Flinette – “LJCA” Flinette–a made up french word, invented on the grass at a stranger’s high school graduation party–is composed of Tyler Gaul, and, intermittently, his friends and family whom he eagerly invites to play, sing, speak or laugh on his songs, somehow in hopes of securing their…

Ocean Bump’s Letter 8 out now on cassette

Ocean Bump has a new cassette on Patient Sounds. The long-awaited “Letter 8” cassette is out Monday on the label’s website! Get ready y’all! Patient Sounds also just released their fourth volume of their compilation series.

Sour Boy Bitter Girl plays “Hold On” at Dead Pigeon Studios

hold on from libi rose on Vimeo.

You Me & Apollo video from Don’t Look Down series up now

Here is the new video from You Me & Apollo for the Don’t Look Down series: Don’t Look Down :: You, Me & Apollo from Mighty Fine Productions on Vimeo. The band will play tonight at Everyday Joe’s

Sour Boy Bitter Girl’s new video for “The Moustache Wax Industry Must Be Totally Pumped On The Indie Scene”

Sour Boy Bitter Girl has a new video out for their track “the moustache wax industry must be totally pumped on the indie scene” the moustache wax industry must be totally pumped on the indie scene from libi rose on Vimeo. The band will be playing FEST in Gainesville, FL this weekend!

Mega Gem’s “Colors of the West” out October 19

We are so excited to announce that Mega Gem is releasing their debut full-length album, “Colors of the West.” Be sure to catch the band at Denver Art Society on October 19th with Summer Salt, Doo Crowder, and Kissing Party.   Check out this music video for the band’s first single “Don’t Call Me Romantic”…

Kick Majestic and AM Pleasure Assassins with Ty Segall TOMORROW

Tomorrow night, Ty Segall is playing at the GNU with 2 of our favorite local bands: Kick Magestic and AM Pleasure Assassins. Get in the know here: