Act So Big Forest Compilation Volume 1: TRITON

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It’s finally here. Download it, listen to it, love it.

DOWNLOAD: Act So Big Forest Compilation Vol. 1: TRITON

We are so excited to release our first compilation showcasing so many great artists. Welcome to the Forest.

Included in zip are:
PDF Booklet
Comp Cover (Hi-res, Lo-res)
20 MP3s

1. Aloeswood – “Left and Gone and Left”
2. Ambassador Engine – “Niigata”
3. Bear (the Ghost) – “Moses”
4. Brett Brady – “Roman Colosseum”
5. Candy Claws – “Snow Bear River Fire”
6. Common Anomaly – “Golden”
7. Eliza Boote – “In the Stairway Where the Paper’s Torn”
8. Emily Fehler – “On to You”
9. Fellow Citizens – “Coughing Up the Day”
10.Firebreather – “Brave Rainbow”
11.Galaxies – “Lost at Sea”
12.the Kevin Costner Suicide Pact – “(please rise for america’s theme song)”
13.Ocean Bump! – “Shadeland Instead”
14.Otem Rellik – “Death, in Two Parts”
15.Paean – “Write it Off”
16.Riflemen – “Rocky Mountain Teeth”
17.Roger, Roll – “Digging”
18.Sour Boy, Bitter Girl – “Bury Your Bottles”
19.Spires – “Two Lakes”
20.Thrifty Astronaut – “Psychedelic Kingdom in the Sky”