Red Basilisk

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We are very pleased to present Christmas Forest Vol. 4. Happy Holidays!
front cover of Red Basilisk

DOWNLOAD: RED BASILISK - Christmas Forest Vol. 4 [zip]

Aloeswood – Snow Song [audio:]

Ambulants – Bouquet [audio:]

Candy Claws – Snow Bridge [audio:]

Fellow Citizens – Christmas Time is Here [audio:]

Firebreather – Snowing [audio:]

Flinette – T N W L [audio:]

Galaxies – Blue Christmas [audio:]

Hosannas – Three Kings [audio:]

Jonathan Alonzo – You’re All I Want for Christmas [audio:]

Ocean Bump! – Harmony [audio:]

Otem Rellik – When the Dark Goes Away [audio:]

Paean – O Holy Night [audio:]

Roland Eldridge – Laundry Bin Christmas [audio:]

The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact – I’m Dreaming (of a White Christmas) [audio:]

Thrifty Astronaut – Deck the Halls [audio:]