Community Funded launches May 3rd at Noon

Friends, I’m sure you’ve heard of Community Funded, but just in case here’s some background.

Mission: To create tools that enable individuals and organizations to connect with the necessary resources to achieve their objectives.

Community Funded connects people, ideas and resources in historic new ways, empowers our communities, and promotes “grass-roots economic recovery.” Anything’s possible when it’s Community Funded.

To submit a project, send your ideas in to –

The website launches tomorrow and they are hosting a Flash Fund to get the first projects funded. The idea behind the Flash Fund is best described as follows:

“What we are asking is a simple 10 and 2. No, not like you learn in driving school. This 10 and 2 is $10 and 2 people and it is quite simple.

1. Go to
2. Register as a user if you haven’t already
3. Choose a project to give $10 to (feel free to do more if you are so inclined).
THEN, get 2 people to do the same.
Next, they will each get two people and before we know it… voila. We can easily get all of our projects funded.”

You can join the fun at and check out the Flash Fund here.

Thank you for taking the time to read about a new project we really believe in. Community is something we all need, and this project embraces that.