Swing Low Sword Of Winter

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Candy Claws – “Five Hands Of The Ice Queen”

Flinette – “LJCA”

Flinette–a made up french word, invented on the grass at a stranger’s high school graduation party–is composed of Tyler Gaul, and, intermittently, his friends and family whom he eagerly invites to play, sing, speak or laugh on his songs, somehow in hopes of securing their affection for him forever. Though originally hailing from Fort Collins, CO, Flinette now operates almost entirely out of assorted apartment bedrooms in Los Angeles, CA.

We Are Not a Glumlot “The Tree”
We Are Not a Glum Lot is an indie-rock group based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their lineup consists of Sam Erickson (Main Vocals/Guitar), Zac Blum (Backup Vocals/Bass), Colin Foxwell (Violin/Guitar), and John Carey (Percussion).
We Are Not a Glum Lot’s sound has been described as “jazzed-up indie-pop/math-rock, with a more palatable vocal theory that just screams out ’80s art/punk/wave”. Unlike most indie rock groups, the band utilizes a violin, played by Colin Foxwell, ran through an amplifier and occasionally drenched in pedal effects to give their style a unique twist. While the band is still of high school age, they have been regarded as an important staple in their local music scene. Bill Forman of the Colorado Springs Independent referred to the group as “High School Prodigies”. Notable acts the band has opened for include: Tim Kasher (frontman of Cursive), O’Death, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and David Bazan.

Grammatica – “For Christmas”
Grammatica is Aaron Landgraf. Sometimes he plays with friends, sometimes by himself. 

Jumbo Catfish – “Let’s Get The Hell Out Of Here”
Jumbo Catfish is Justin Camilli’s solo project.  Although he currently resides in Vancouver, CA, he holds roots in Fort Collins, CO and Albuquerque, NM.  All songs are recorded in a small apartment with paper thin walls.  While live drums are always a preference, Jumbo resorts to incorporating effected drum machine samples into a lo-fi, guitar driven form of indie rock.  He takes influence more recently from artists such as Father John Misty and psychedelic-folk rockers, Woods. The songs are made and recorded in a bedroom but are meant to be played live.  Camilli hopes to form a practicing live band soon.

Kaoti – “Cedar”
Megan and Kay live in the rainy city of Portland, OR. Together, they began the project called Kaoti, in search of making something greater than themselves. This holiday season, they reach to achieve the sound of winter dreams.

The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact – “Ave Maria”
“The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact is a different breed of ambient/drone altogether. With a strangely humorous name that many either love or hate, this quartet of soundscapers is one of the most interesting and unique projects out there right now. Based in Denver, CO (which is known for a variety of musical scenes, but not particularly for its ambient artists) the foursome are creating sounds that remind one of William Bassinski’s sublime compositions which seem to be ever-unfolding, even long after the initial listening experience. This is music best served with a high gravity brew and a smoke-filled room of your closest friends.” – Rachel Evans, Foxy Digitalis

Morgan and the Apostrophes – “O Holy Night”

Kamas Realty – “It Just Don’t Feel Like Christmas”
Kamas Realty is the long distance musical collaboration of 3 cousins living in 3 different different US cities.  The name “Kamas Realty” comes from their Grandfather’s (a.k.a. Poppy’s) real estate business. While the members’ real estate skills are limited that has not stopped them from carrying on the family name.

M. Sage – “Slow Noel”
M(atthew) Sage is from Fort Collins, Colorado, where he is currently an elected Poet Laureate. He operates PATIENT SOUNDS (intl), and plays in Kick Majestic and Wellington Downs. He also releases quiet home recordings of ambient music in his spare time. 

Aberration – “Bell Carol”
From: Freeport, IL.
Lives in: Fort Collins, Co.
Likes: Synthesizers

Sour Boy Bitter Girl – “All I Want For Christmas Is The Spring”
sbbgAlways under the leadership of Benjamin Buttice (songwriter, composer, and artist), SBBG has consisted of some of the finest indie-rock musicians Colorado has to offer. Ranging from a solo, singer/songwriter act to a powerhouse-of-sound quintet, the music is as diverse as its members and influences. Benjamin’s lyrics weave the figurative/metaphorical world of deserts, seas, and wolves with the strife and rebellion of the average working, loving man, that create vivid imagery in a catchy way that is chanted and screamed from the hearts of his avid wolf-army fan base. The lyrics are supported with a powerful rhythm section, heavy keys and flamboyant drumming, fantastic electric guitar and organ leads, and an impressive amount of vocal harmonizing.

A.M. Pleasure Assassins – “Culmination Of A Dream”
It plays punk rock in one form or another.

Holdfast. – “Illuminate The Dark Corners”
Holdfast. are Charlie(14), Michael(16), and Tom(11) Maddocks. We are students and cousins. Holdfast. are following in the footsteps of relatives, Dave and Tim Maddocks, and a fairly new band. Their name describes the bond shared between one another. Our sound can be related to Radiohead, The Shins, Modest Mouse, and Sixpence None The Richer with some folk characteristics.

Lake Island – “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”
Lake Island is young band hailing from the Mountains of Utah. This new dynamic post rock band has tons of progressive energy and a charge like non other. With their reverb guitars and ambient sound washes. it’s truly a reverb paradise. These boys are heading into the studio at the end of the year to record their debut EP. Look for more of this young band early next year.

J. Alonzo w/ Marta Isernia – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
jalonzo J. Alonzo is soft, slow, moving songs continuously aiming to discover the difference between a house and a home.  His music has been described as the sound of creaking before an avalanche.  J. Alonzo makes music from home and friend’s studio spaces in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He also lends a hand as guitarist and vocalist in Sour Boy Bitter Girl and You Me & Apollo.

Slow Magic – “Your Heart Beats”
Slow Magic is music by your imaginary friend.

StaG “Code of the Schoolyard”

The formerly Los Angeles area-based duo recently moved to Boulder, Colorado shortly before beginning work on the full-length, and you can hear the influences of both states in their beautifully-crafted sound.
Sharing the vocal spotlight, band members Matt McGuire and Will Walden feel equally confident in front of the microphone—providing such a sense of unity that it is often hard to tell their vocal styling apart from each other. Where StaG departs from other bands trying to replicate the fuzzed-out sounds of the ‘60s is the prominence and clarity given to the vocal lines and lyrics. To StaG, the voice is not merely part of the texture, but a necessary focal point, making tracks like “Tired” and “Morsels (For a Task)” take on a quasi-operatic quality.”


Short and Hat – “What Child Is This?”
Two years ago, Seth and Carrington Schaeffer decided to get rid of everything that wouldn’t fit into the back of their Subaru Outback and take to the road.  After a year of traveling the entire United States, living out of their car, and writing about it on their travel blog, ShortandHat.com, they’ve settled down to a life of writing, filming, and writing music.  On a typical day, you can find Seth behind a camera or tickling the ivories, and Carrie is generally dreaming up children’s and young adult adventures or transforming a Goodwill find.