Christmas Forest Vol. 7: “Verde Rouge Noir”

We recently released our seventh annual holiday compilation, “Verde Rouge Noir.”

Track Listing:
Flinette – “JUEL”
Nadalands – “New Unionville”
Mega Gem – “Feliz Navidad”
Sour Boy Bitter Girl – “Tradition”
Kaoti – “My Christmas Wish Is A Christmas Kiss From My Sweetie”
Lake Island – “Winter”
A.M. Pleasure Assassins – “Cold Now”
Martha! Mother – “Christmas For Most Of Us”
Sketches / Aloeswood – “Moon Song In The Snow”
Coral Bones – “Weathervane”
We Are Not A Glum Lot – “Getting Land”
Candy Claws – “Alp Shades (Vocal Version)”
Gawain– “This Yule To The Young Year Yielded Place”
Roland Eldridge – “December 23”

You can download VERDE ROUGE NOIR and the previous six volumes of ASBF Christmas Forest on our BANDCAMP.

Vol. 7: Verde Rouge Noir (2013)
Vol. 6: Swing Low Sword of Winter (2012)
Vol. 5: Golden Ring (2011)
Vol. 4: Red Basilisk (2010)
Vol. 3: Sun Child, Stay Forever (2009)
Vol. 2: Blessed Reef And Spirit Swim With Me (2008)
Vol. 1: Christmas Forest (2007)